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Whether you’re shooting on your smartphone, action camera or DSLR, the built-in microphone just isn’t equipped to deliver top-notch audio to match up to the great visuals. Issues can include the built-in microphone being too far away from the subject, too much ambient noise, low sensitivity, and picking up the noise of the device’s own internal electronics. For anyone shooting video content, whatever the device, an external microphone is essential to give the finished piece a polished feel.

A shotgun (or directional) microphone reduces ambient noise and picks up the audio in front of it, giving you natural sound in a range of scenarios including presentations, question and answer sessions, vlogs, multi-person interviews, and any self-recording where you need to move around in front of the camera without being restricted by a lavalier wire.

The Kenro Universal Cardioid Microphone is a lightweight cardioid microphone that records high quality audio to your DSLR camera, camcorder, smartphone, tablet, PC, or other recording device. At just 86g, this tiny microphone delivers impressive sound and ideal for shooting on the go. The cold shoe mount allows you to mount the microphone to a camera or audio mixer. No battery is required, and the microphone connects directly to the camera via the included 3.5mm audio cable (TRS and TRRS both included, for wider device compatibility).

A professional furry windshield is included to reduce wind and environmental noise when shooting outdoors, and the microphone features a durable metal construction for maximum longevity.

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