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S/H Nikon F2 Sliver Body Only


S/H Nikon F2 Sliver Body Only

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The Nikon F2 is a professional level, interchangeable lens, 35mm film, single-lens-reflex (SLR) camera. The F2 replaced the Nikon F, adding many new features (a faster 1/2000 second maximum shutter speed, a swing open back for easier film loading, a wider assortment of detachable finders and metering heads, a 250 exposure film back, a larger reflex mirror to ensure no vignetting, and a shutter release nearer the front of the camera for better ergonomics). All Nikon F2’s have horizontal titanium-foil shutters. It was the last all-mechanical professional-level Nikon SLR.

The F2 is compatible with all Nikon SLR lenses, both manual and autofocus, however DX lenses will produce black corners and G lenses are not recommended as they have removed the aperture ring.

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